Parted Waters

A Testimony of God's provision and miracles.

Lilli wants 2 is a perfect book for kids ages 2 to 5. 

a colorful book about counting. 

The kids will love the proud feelings of knowing their numbers and all the items inside. 

some of their favorite things are inside these pages. Donuts, Teddy Bears, Ice Cream, & more. 

fun to read to them and fun to listen to them read it to you. 

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 Jesus, Sin, Salvation, and You


A Colorful Children’s Picture Book about the Mercy and Grace of Jesus. It spells out in a simple yet detailed way, the plan of salvation. It shows how the entire Bible is all about Jesus and his plan to save all of us.


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Cairo and the Lie Trap


Is a colorful and insightful picture book about how a lie can hurt everyone around. Cairo doesn’t tell the lie, but is very affected by the lie. She learns that the lie only has power over her as long as she doesn’t look for the truth.



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Biddle Bunny and the Color Snatcher


Biddle and his friend Fedj discover a plot to take over their town. It is a takeover disguised in a mask of religion. Biddle read the Bible to find out the truth. Empowered by the Word of God, together with his friends they share the truth in order to save their town.

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Lindy and Jaybird

Is a colorful picture book with a handful of stories that are just for fun. The stories range from digging for worms to playing tag with an elephant.


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