Parted Waters

A Testimony of God's provision and miracles.


Spiritual battle 2

Posted on July 12, 2011 at 12:07 AM Comments comments (48)

To win the victory during a spiritual battle, is mostly keeping your faith.

It is also staying obedient. Doing what God has told you to do. This means staying the course all the way to the end. Putting your faith into action.

When you do there may not be a big miracle at the other end right way but you will know the victory has happened.


For me I knew it was important to stay on track and do my book signing. It was important. I thought it might have to do with an unsaved person coming in and buying the book, etc.

But that didn't happen.

I had only 6 people come and I knew 5 of them. But here's the thing.The weight I felt on my spirit for the last couple weeks was lifted. I saw it through and I had victory. Not in the physical, but it wasn't a physical battle now was it.

I had a spritual victory in a spiritual battle. Isn't that what counts?


God came through for me. He is so good

Accident or on Purpose

Posted on June 22, 2011 at 11:44 PM Comments comments (0)

Accident or purposeful?

Here’s what happened.

Father’s day after Lisa and I got home from a quick trip to the store. We found out we were out of milk. It is one of those Really! Really! moments. I went and laid down, but the kids needed milk in the morning. I thought LeAndrea was going to work well after breakfast. My first error. So about 9:30pm I snuck out to our Red Neck market around the corner, and got a gallon of milk. Did I tell Lisa, of course not. She remembered and bought another gallon the following morning.

When she went to place it in the frig. there was no place to put it, because of the gallon i bought.


Her first reaction was annoyance. But then it inspired her. She really knows how to follow the Lord’s leading. There was a neighbor who has been going through a very rough time. She has wanted to help, but life gets in the way, until you just take a stand and do it. The Milk was the kick start she needed. So the milk was given along with some other food items.

Buying the extra Gallon by accident was exactly what we needed to get us into action.

So was it an accident or was it the Holy Spirit, giving us the trigger we needed?

I have no doubt, it was the Holy Spirit.

So next time you think you’ve done a silly mistake, take a minute and see if you are about to be part of something special.



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Jesus was around way before creation. If you look at Colosians chapter 1, you will see that he created everything. Not on his own. As in everything Jesus did he did it with God the Father under his direction. 

The Fathers Will

The Son's Word

The Spirit's Moving.

Move in the Lord today, by Jesus' Word, in the Fathers Will, by the gifting of the Holy Spirit. 

Friend in Heaven

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I have a friend that is in heaven as of today. 

He'll be waiting on me. I know he'll be saving me a spot in the Bass section of the heavenly choir.

Darrell was a great friend and mentor. I will miss him and look froward to seeing him again.