Parted Waters

A Testimony of God's provision and miracles.


Bus Ride Home

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The Bus Ride Home

By Jeffrey Harris

I’m sitting on the bus, trying to make it home.

Surrounded by so many, and yet I’m all alone.

Bruises begin to show, and tears begin to dry.

Just another day, but it looks like I’ll survive.


The friends I have, sit a few seats back.

Quietly avoiding, the risk of their own attack.

They feel bad I know, but what else can they do.

Fists from so many, could happen to them too.


So today I’ll ride alone, as I have so many times.

One day God will show them, I will be just fine.

I can’t really hate them, they’re not the enemy.

And they can’t take this Joy, that is deep inside of me.


The bible says rejoice, for persecution as it comes.

Stephen did and he saw, Jesus waiting up above.

So I rejoice in Jesus, my one and true best friend.

He will make me something, special in the end.


Only ten, I’ll have to wait, on him patiently.

Until then I’ll find my peace, for Jesus cares for me.


One in Ten

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By Jeffrey Harris


There was a lonely man, living in Galilee.

Separated from the ones he loved, because of leprosy.

The Bible doesn’t name him. He’s someone you should know.

He traveled with nine others, wondering like lost sheep.

The bond they shared was painful, but no more than skin deep.

The nine thought God owed them, something for their pain.

They always craved the sunshine, even when they needed rain.

Joe was much more humble, wanting to serve the Lord.

But it looked as if his God, had closed the final door.

He was trapped in a cell, of leprosy and sin.

Left him longing for the chance, to begin again.


Then a man named Jesus came just like he was a friend.

Followed by a group of twelve, ordinary men.

The other twelve backed off as they began to see their scares.

Jesus just kept coming, and he opened up his arms.

Then like a dream Joe and the nine were instantly made whole.

They all were so exited; they began to run for home.

But as Joe ran down the path, something turned him back.

Praises began to well inside, and to God he raised his hands.


One of ten stopped to praise, the one who set them free.

Nine of ten turned their backs, I pray this won’t be me.

Lord; help me be the one, who comes running back.

Give me the faith and humbleness, of which I sometimes lack.

Take away the selfishness and other sins I hide inside.

I acknowledge I have need of you, and relinquish all my pride.

I am, oh so, grateful for your loving grace.

Remind me each and every day, that I need to seek your face.


Comfort Healer Friend

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Comfort Healer Friend

By Jeffrey Harris


The World around me, is in turmoil today.

Friends and loved ones are hurting in pain.

But there’s still one, who gives peace within.

He’s my savior, my Lord, forgiver of sin.


Jesus is my comfort, he’s my healer, he’s my friend.

He is always near me, on my journey to the end.

Even when I’m down and my faith is getting weak.

Jesus lifts me up, and get’s me back on my feet.


I will keep on moving, I will not delay.

Though there are troubles, along this narrow way.

Jesus is my rock, the Spirit is my guide.

God will see me through, ‘til I reach the other side.


Jesus is my comfort, he’s my healer, he’s my friend.