Parted Waters

A Testimony of God's provision and miracles.

Jeffrey Harris

I live in the Memphis area and attend an amazing church; Raleigh Assembly of God. 

I serve in the Children's Ministry and love the 3 and 4 year olds.

Wife and 3 kids makes me a happy man. Life is just plain good. 

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So what is Parted Waters? 

 Parted Waters is derived from the testimonies of the parting of the Red Sea and the Jordan River, both of which were new beginnings. These testimonies would last for all time. First Israel was lead through the Red Sea to escape captivity, then forty years later Joshua lead Israel into the promise Land by crossing the Jordan River. In each case there was a step of faith needed. For Moses, they had to walk with a wall of water on either side, not knowing how long the walls would hold. For Joshua, the waters didn’t part until they took the first step.


This applies to us today, in that we have troubled waters that are holding us back. Jesus can part these waters in our lives and provide the right path to the other side. Each time this happens, it is a new testimony for us to share and to build our faith. I see the Red Sea as a representation of Sin, which binds us and keeps us captive, until we repent and ask Jesus for help. When we do this we are forgiven and the waters of sin are parted by forgiveness and we get to walk forward into a new life. This is our first testimony.


There after, every time we face a trial or trouble, it is another river for God to part. These partings are a fulfillment of his promises. His promises are mercy, healing, forgiveness, and guidance that help us on our journey through life. Each trial is a chance for a new testimony. Every time we step out in faith, the testimony is built by God getting us through to the other side.

It doesn’t actually turn into a full testimony until it is told.


In a nut shell, Parted Waters = Victory = Testimony.