Parted Waters

A Testimony of God's provision and miracles.

Parted Waters

Parted Waters stands for the testimonies that we all have after meeting Jesus. 

Testimonies just like Moses and Joshua. 

They crossed the Red Sea through Parted Waters is escape bondage, Egypt, & Slavery. Then they crossed through Parted Waters of the Jordan River to enter the Promise Land.

Today we Escape Sin, and Enter into Heaven.

Every step along the way rings a new testimony. Each testimony is another example of Parted Waters.

This site is for inspiration as you walk your journey.

Jeffrey Harris is a Christian Author with several Books available here to help you on your journey.


TALKING POINTS: The newest Book is for anyone who has ever said, "I would love to lead a small group but I don't know how." This book is a Guide or Help to start a Small Group. It gives helpful ideas for how to conduct a small group. It also include 28 talking points to spark biblical conversation. Each talking point has a brief description, both pro and con, group discussion questions, and bible verses to support the topic. 

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